Couples Counselling

Relationship Conflict

Within a relationship conflict can mean feeling dissatisfied.  Sharing of household, parenting and family duties can put a strain on relationships.   Partners may have different expectations around communication, intimacy, sexual issues, infidelity, problem behaviours, conflict, domestic violence, health, family issues, finances and loss.

Couples counselling is for couples who want to work as a team and restore the relationship.  Alternatively for couples separating, counselling can assist in reducing conflict, and help focus on what’s best for the children.  When coping with divorce or separation individual relationship counselling can provide support.

Couples Counselling - Close Up Photograph of Two Hands Clasped Together


 So how can couples counselling help?

Karen will guide you to explore your emotions, cover what your needs are for the relationship, work with you to find resolutions and help you reach your relationship goals.  She can help you explore areas of discontent and help you feel heard in a non-judgmental way.   Karen can provide neutral non-judgmental support to help you stay healthy during the stress of relationship problems.

Perhaps simply talking through problems with guidance from an experienced counsellor can help to shift the perspective.

For couples in crisis they don’t often see eye to eye and this makes finding a way forward harder. Couples counselling offers a third party to communicate through.  This ensures both are heard and understood enabling them to find the path forward.

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