What is clinical supervision?Karen Graham - Northstar Counselling

For therapists supervision of this type is to protect both the counsellor and the client.

It offers a reflective place to bring case load and look deeper at the process at hand.  This can be a creative space to explore the case and your part in it.

Clinical supervision is a vital part of self care and support for the therapist, enabling you to work to your full potential and reduce the potentially negative impact on yourself. Karen also offers organisational and clinical group supervision.

As supervision is a professional requirement by IACP (Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) and other bodies, Karen offers an affordable rate.

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What is cross-professional supervision?

Cross-professional supervision provides a supportive environment/space for those who’s work can create burnout.  Cross-supervision offers a space to off-load, confidentially discuss experiences, and manage those experiences for ‘self care’.  Both you and those you work with benefit from the support you get.

In highly demanding jobs, cross-professional supervision aids professionals in maintaining a healthy life/work balance. It provides support for those in the caring professions such as; nursing, gardai, foster parents, social care workers, emergency services person, prison officers, to name a few.

To perform best in our professional work, self-care is an important part of the journey.  In recognition of same, some employers funds external support for cross-professional supervision.  External support provides a safe place when;

  • internal support isn’t available.
  • internal support is lacking.
  • you’d like confidentiality.
  • you wish to avoid internal power dynamics.

Good support is the spring board to excel, increasing your productive and your job satisfaction.

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